15 March 2009

Homunculus: A New Brooklyn Eat-easy

Welcome to the blog for Homunculus, a Brooklyn Eat-easy!

With loads of ideas and little capital, three connoisseurs have opened their home to the gastronomic adventurers of our fair city. Inspired by the discrete drinking establishments of Brooklyn past, Homunculus of Brooklyn present provides its diners with an easy feel in a non-institutional space. Above all else, Homunculus strives for innovation in the traditional culinary arts by combining established techniques and fresh, local ingredients.

Homunculus features an unconventional atmosphere and an inventive cuisine in a traditional six-course meal. Diners will enjoy a soup course, traditional charcuterie, hot appetizer, entrée, salad, and dessert. Our alcohol policy is BYOB. Homunculus is happy to make wine suggestions.

Homunculus is:

Homunculus is held most Fridays. To make reservations, please contact Homunculus at homunculuseatez@gmail.com.

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